Marcato Atlas 150

Marcato Atlas 150

marcato atlas 150

marcato atlas 150

From its humble beginning, Italy-based Marcato has set a benchmark in designing  the highest quality household pasta machines and established itself as a global  market leader in the niche. Innovation is at the forefront of the company’s high  quality products, and the Marcato Atlas 150 machine is no exception, designed  using advanced technology with its distinctive “Wellness” feature. The company is  a name to be reckoned with in the healthy eating niche. So I decided to give it a try.  After all, I have never used any other pasta maker before. I have always been fond  of pasta, like all of you, but never taken the pain to roll out one for myself or my  family, thinking it would be difficult and messy. But my opinion has changed ever  since I got my hands on the Marcato pasta machine and am happy to review the  magic product that has changed my thinking about making pasta at home!

Like all other home chefs, I am always looking for wholesome ways to feed my  family, and needless to say pasta is one of the favorite delicacies to cook for your  loved ones. I am sure all of you would agree that no dried pasta stands on a par with  the taste of fresh homemade pasta. Of course you should know how to prepare the  dough though! Priced reasonably at $99.99, Marcato’s versatile pasta machine is  solidly constructed and produces smooth sheets of fresh pasta from the dough with  every turn of the handle. By using this versatile machine that weighs 3 pounds, I have realized that you cannot be happy with your pasta maker unless you have got the dough right – which comes with experience though!

Once you have made the dough right, you need to feed the mixture into the pasta maker, and this simple-to-use machine will enable you to make fettuccine, flat dough sheet, spaghetti, and tagliolini, with its easy-to-use and adjust 9-position dial helping you regulate thickness of pasta dough – between 0.3mm and 2.5mm. Made in Italy, this sophisticated pasta maker comes with an adjustable dial with its nine settings, so you can roll out your pasta to the desired thickness.

What’s the Wellness Talk All About?

My experience of using Marcato pasta maker says the Wellness claim on the product is no gimmick. With chrome plated steel body, this heavy duty machine features anodized aluminum rollers and cutters with a special micro-rough surface, which grabs the dough better, promising you healthier results. What I love the most in this beautiful beast is that its rollers and cutters don’t use heavy metals, which negates any chances of harmful metals entering the pasta from the machine. Since the Marcato Atlas 150 machine is free from such harmful metals as chromium and nickel, it is a truly wellness innovation.

  • Other pasta machine makers may claim to have included the “Wellness” feature, but the fact is no other manufacturer offers flat rollers and double cutters that are free from heavy metals, which means you might be risking your health in one way or the other using those machines.
  • Another feature worth considering when comparing this product to other brands is its 3-year warranty, unlike others that offer one-year warranty and use nickel-plated rollers.

The rollers on this cool and sophisticated product feature a double-slotted opening for the handle. Its nickel and chrome plated body ensures long-term resistance to corrosion, while its gears use tempered steel, which make them robust and ensure extra long life. The heavy and sturdy machine uses handgrips made of ABS plastic, which makes it suitable for food use. The thickness setting knob takes some time getting use to. You may experience the handle coming out mid-roll if the thickness of the pasta sheet is too much. With experience, you will get used to it.

After having used this product myself, I have realized that pasta making really isn’t that difficult as I had thought about it before trying this Marcato Atlas 150 machine, which ensures your homemade pastry is wholesome. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonder product that produces delectable pasta without any hassle, residue, or mess, offering you real taste that you will feel you are dining somewhere in Italy. Moreover, its convenience to use and clean will attract the most timid of cooks, who dream of wooing their loved ones with home-made meals. The atlas pasta machine will help you become an Italian chef without too much of hard work.

Undoubtedly, this Marcato pasta machine is my answer to all my pasta making needs. What do you think?

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