KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set Attachment Pack

KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set Attachment Pack

Since 1919, KitchenAid has been a trusted name in the field of kitchen appliances.    With elegance and functionality being the hallmarks of all KitchenAid products, the  company creates compact, durable kitchen appliances that not only decorate your  countertop, but also give you the best tools to prepare scrumptious pasta dishes.  After having heard so much about the brand, I decided to experiment with  kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, and I must admit this has been a  fantastic  experience all through for me. I love the pasta maker attachment, which  has given  me the best tool to prepare fresh pasta for my family. I will never go back  to the  dried packaged pasta again!

 My Experiment with the 18 Pounds Excellence Set

The pasta specialty pack includes Pasta Cutter Companion Set, Pasta  Sheet Roller  and Cutter Set, and Ravioli Maker attachments. Made in Italy, these  chrome-plated  attachments are highly durable and fit all kinds of stand mixers,  which means you  don’t have to buy a new one compatible with these kitchenaid  stand mixer  attachments. The pasta piece roller helps you make fresh pasta dough  sheets of the  thickness of your choice. I started with the thickest setting, feeding the  dough  several times. The dough looked pretty scary the first time. But I didn’t lose hope, and the desire to feed my kids with fresh, home-made pasta kept me going. Finally, I was able to roll the sheets of my desired length.

Coming to the cutter set and ravioli attachments, I find them quite handy, as these have made my task of making pasta dishes easier. All you need to do is feed the dough sheets into the cutters of your choice, and you will get the size and style of sheets you want. The ability to customize the filling for ravioli is another value added feature. To make fresh ravioli, you can fill the ravioli maker with spinach, cheese, meat filling, or just anything you may want to. So you have plenty of choices to revel.

Let the kitchenaid stand mixer attachments do all the cranking. I have found this pasta excellence set from KitchenAid ideal for making regular pasta and rolling out and slicing flat pasta. Another special feature is the ravioli maker, which is quite easy to use. In fact, I was extremely pleased that all my raviolis came out delicious, with none coming undone within the water. The pasta specialty kit enables me to make a variety of pasta types, including thick egg noodles, lasagna, spaghetti, angel hair pasta, and fettucini.

After trying the kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, I have decided not to use the manual pasta machine again. I find the roller attachment quite simple to use, comfortable, convenient, and time-saving, which makes a big difference in the pasta preparation. The KitchenAid KPEX Pasta Excellence Set Attachment Pack uses high quality, well-made, functional, and durable units. This means the set can go on for many years, making it a cost-effective product. With my old pasta maker, I would always wish I had three hands to roll the pasta, as there was so much to do and I had to hand crank the rollers as well. I am glad I have the kitchenaid mixer attachment doing the work for me, giving the pasta better consistency and authentic taste. I chose to whip the pasta with my favorite tangy tomato-based sauce, and it was undoubtedly a delicious combination. Just thinking about the heavenly taste makes me salivate!

So happy that I purchased the entire set together, which is packed with wonderful features and gives me a much better value, offering me the best tools to make sumptuous home-made pasta on a regular basis. The attachment pack complements the mixer and makes my home-made pasta creations even simpler!

I have tried making all kinds of pasta with these innovative attachment set, making large lasagna noodles, traditional spaghetti, fettuccini, and my all-time favorite angel hair. My experiment justified my purchase.

Quick Cleaning

Before purchasing this pack, I was of the opinion that pasta making is one thing and cleaning is a big job. I knew it will be difficult and messy. But ever since I found these kitchenaid stand mixer attachments, my view has changed altogether. It is quite easy to clean, as the kit includes a cleaning brush, which can reach all corners of the attachments, removing dough from toughest parts.

If you wish to serve your family with fresh pasta recipes, get your hands on the kitchenaid stand mixer attachment set today and start preparing fabulous, homemade pasta.