Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Bestseller Set

Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Bestseller Set

Have you always wanted to eat pasta everyday but don’t always have the time to go to the nearest supermarket? Have you ever wanted to try making old-fashioned pasta but don’t really have the time to do all the things they did before? Now you can make fresh pasta right in your own home! imperia pasta machine sp150

It is now easier to make pasta the old fashioned way. There are now many machines that let you make many kinds of pasta in mere minutes. You just need the raw ingredients, a little time and patience and you can have fresh pasta anytime you want.

One of these machines is the Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Bestseller Set. This Italian-made manual pasta making machine, which available for small price, can make different kinds of pasta including:

  • Spaghetti. These are the familiar thin and round classic Italian noodles.
  • Fettuccine. These are flat ribbons of pasta, thinner than spaghetti but wider.
  • Lasagna. Sheets of pasta, those are perfect for layering over meat with sauce or vegetables with sauce, even other pasta with sauce.
  • Taglionili. These also long, flat ribbons of pasta, similar to fettuccine.
  • Pastina. Little bits of pasta, the smallest kind that can be made.
  • Ravioli. Filled layers of egg pasta. Filled with what? Your imagination is the limit. You can make ravioli with the US manufactured 10-liter mold.

Attachments that do not come with the package can allow you to make other kinds of pasta, includ


  • Ma
  • caroni. These are short, hollow tubes of pasta
  • Capellini. Also known as angel hair pasta, thinner than spaghetti.
  • Papardelle. These are large, very broad flat pasta noodles, kind of similar to fettuccine
  • Lasagnette. A type of ribbon pasta, narrower than lasagna but thicker than fettuccine.
  • Reginette lasagnette. A novelty type of pasta, it looks like lasagnette but with zigzagged edges.

The Imperia pasta machine sp150 has 6-inch wide rollers and an easy-lock adjustable dial to roll out the pasta in eight different layers of thickness. It also comes with a recipe booklet.

The machine weighs about 8 pounds and measures 7.4×8.2×6.6 inches. It comes with a clamp to fasten it to your table or counter and has a wooden handle hand crank. No motor is included.

What’s good about this product

You get what you pay for; the Imperia pasta machine sp150 is very well-constructed and designed for frequent use. The crank does not fall off, a common problem in other pasta machines of similar design and operation. The ravioli mold is a nice add-on.

The process of making pasta from dough is very consistent. The machine is also easy to use as long as you get the mixture of the dough correct.

The design is also so beautiful, it’s one of those machines you won’t be ashamed to show off to your friends or take to cooking class with you.

What’s bad about this product

The Imperia pasta machine sp150 can be a bit hard to clean. However, this is only if you don’t get the dough formula right. If the dough is too sticky, it will get stuck in so many places in the machine. When that happens, it can be a bother to clean because as you really can’t submerge the machine in water, you have to wipe it clean thoroughly before putting it away.

The manual can a bit hard to understand for first-time users, a common problem for Italian-made appliances that are marketed in the US. Fortunately there are a ton of helpful videos and how-to’s available in the Internet.

There are pasta making machines that can process dough that is not thoroughly kneaded, this is not one of them. You have to thoroughly knead the dough before you feed it into this machine. However, this may not pose much of a problem for old pasta die-hards and those who are really used to preparing pasta this way.


To sum it up, the Imperia pasta machine sp150 is worth having if you want a pasta making machine that you can use often and for a very long time too. The construction is sturdy, but like other pasta machines it’s not meant to be cleaned in water, just to be wiped clean. It can make several kinds of pasta and can make many more with the proper accessories. While there is a warranty for faulty parts, be warned that it will be voided if you use the machine commercially. Then again, with the way this machine is built, you really don’t have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon.