CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine

CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine

Pasta is one of those rare foods that taste good and at the same time is actually good for your health.

Pasta is a good source of   carbohydrates, protein, fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Pasta also provides you sustaining energy. There is also no truth to those nasty rumors that pasta is fattening. The sauces that usually go with pasta, on the other handwell, let’s not go there right now.

Now you can have healthy pasta every day with machines that can make pasta. All you need is the raw ingredients, a little of your time and ecco! Fresh homemade pasta!

One of these is the Cucinapro Imperia Pasta Machine, a traditional pasta roller machine that lets you make several kinds of pasta right at home or in your restaurant.

The Cucinapro Imperia pasta machine measures 8.1 x 7.4 x 6.7 inches. It’s made of heavy duty, shiny chromed plated steel and weighs eight pounds. It has a 6-inch wide roller and has double cutter for spaghetti, linguine and fettuccine. You can have attachment for other noodle shapes, but these are sold separately.

What’s good about this product 

First up, it’s really cheaper than many pasta making machines available today of similar make and also better than other pasta of similar make.

The Cucinapro Imperia pasta machine is also easy to assemble and operate, which is a plus since the instruction manual seems to have been directly translated from Italian to English without thought to coherence. There is also only minimal assembly required, you only have to put together the double cutter attachment.

The machine is easy to understand and operate for those not so familiar with motors or anything that needs electricity to run or anything that has buttons and an LCD display on it. So that would also mean older people/restaurant owners who want to prepare their pasta the old way for themselves or for their customers

Its weight and small size makes it easier to put away and store. The wooden crank handle feels easy on the hand. The clamp is also handy for fastening it to different tables and counters, although the machine’s rubber legs already provide a certain degree of stability.

You can crank it up really fast. This is recommended, in fact. Make it run as fast as you can, going slow only causes the dough to stick to the cutter.

It needs very little maintenance, something common with machines with as little moving parts as possible.

What’s bad about this product

The Cucinapro Imperia pasta machine is not washable. To clean it you have to wipe it down. You have to brush it off and keep it away from water. There are also many small areas where dough can get caught and stay.

The hand crank sometimes falls off while you are operating it. There could be a manufacturing error. The handle fits nicely into the roller and the wide-noodle cutter, but cannot be accommodated into the narrow-noodle cutter. It might take some adjustment with some tools to get it to fit.
CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Machine

The gear system could have been designed better, there are no bearings or bushings to speak of to allow for easier turning or cut friction. The shafts ride directly on the stamped metal frame.

There are two settings on this machine, the standard spaghetti width and a smaller fettuccine width. It would have been better if there were more selections as they seem too small.

That accessory tray that comes with it is totally useless. It will stay put under the cutters, but when you start using it, it will wiggle free from the groove it is hung to.

The weight of the Cucinapro Imperia pasta machine is somewhat of a boon and bane. Eight pounds is pretty hefty but still manageable. On the upside the weight does lend to its stability.


In all, the Cucinapro Imperia pasta machine is a simple, easy to use pasta maker that is suitable for those who want to keep it simple, no use of power or other complimentary machines that can run with it. It is easy to set up and easy to put away. It is ideal for both home and light commercial use as it can keep up with the demands of the home and the demands of a small restaurant. Perhaps bigger and better machines should be recommended for the really larger restaurants. Commercial use will, of course, require more maintenance and cleaning of this product.