Atlas Pasta Machine With Motor Set

Atlas Pasta Machine With Motor Set

Ah, pasta! The food of the goods. Pasta dishes are a class of their own, simple to prepare yet can be prepared in many ways, delicious and at the same time healthy. You can even say it’s social food, it’s not meant to be eaten alone but over conversations with family, friends and intimates.

Now you can make pasta at home for you and your family, or in your restaurant for your customers. For those who do not like to buy factory-made pasta, there are manual and motorized pasta-making machines out there that can help you make a lot of pasta in but little time. One such machine is the Italian-made Atlas pasta machine. It’s made from chrome and nickel-plated steel and weighs 8 pounds. It can make lasagna, spaghetti, spaghetti round and fettuccine in nine different thicknesses, from a maximum of 3 mm to a minimum of 0.2 mm. The machine comes with a small detachable motor running at 110V but it also has a hand crank option if you want it to run silently. The width of roller is six inches. You can remove the front of the cutting wheels to replace them with other optional accessories if you want. It also comes with a clamp to fasten the machine firmly to the tabletop or counter and a useful recipe book to help you make different pasta dishes.

What’s good about this product

The Atlas pasta machine is solidly built and stable, the designers obviously meant for this machine to be in for a lifetime of constant operation. It was good of the designers to make this machine operational with both the 110V detachable motor and the hand crank. When you are too tired you can use the motor, but whenever you want to operate silently (like when you are in your kitchen at night or cooking class) you can opt for using the hand crank. The varying thickness for making the pasta is a very good idea. It’s nice to experiment with different pasta thicknesses just to see what should be right for what occasion. With the thinnest level you can see your fingers through the dough, firing up your imagination with what to do with it. The many thicknesses also allow you to simply mix the dough and run it through the machine, no more kneading necessary. It’s really easy to set up and just start working with it. It’s also very easy to clean.

What bad about this productAtlas Pasta Machine

It don’t like that it can only make four kinds of pasta with it, you can’t macaroni, sfoglia or bucato. For something this pricey it should be able to make many more kinds of pasta. Sometimes the motor is slow, the manufacturers could have included a more powerful motor with it (for comparison the motor on a hand drill is more powerful), but then again this might not be so bad because the speed allows you to feed enough dough into the machine at a steady pace. Another thing with the motor is that it’s housed in chrome steel unlike the actual Atlas Pasta machine itself which is made of chrome plastic. They could have designed for the motor to be housed in steel as well as there might be overheating issues with the plastic housing. Be sure no to overwork the motor, good thing the motor comes with a three-year warranty. Last thing about the motor is that it can get noisy. Be prepared to resort to the hand crank if you want to have a conversation while operating this machine. They could have designed the rollers to be wider, but this is really not much of an issue, more of personal preference. The manufacturer does not really make a machine with wider rollers.


In all, the Atlas pasta machine is a nice machine to have. The design is sturdy, it’s definitely a machine built to see a lifetime of constant use. It can only make four kinds of pasta which is kind of disappointing considering the price. It’s really not advisable to use this machine for your restaurant or other commercial purpose (it already says so in the manual). You can however, have it as a standby or backup pasta maker for your restaurant, just in case. There are also various issues with the motor, including the noise and performance. However, it is also covered by a three-year warranty. As a pasta making machine, the few kinds of pasta it can make are made well and in varying degrees of thickness which can be fun if you like experimenting with food. The Atlas pasta machine is also easy to set up, clean and put away.